Leading AI Development Company

Leading AI Development Company

As a premier AI development company, we provide tailored AI solutions, eliminating the need for an internal team. Let us transform your vision into reality with cutting-edge AI technologies.

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How businesses can benefit from AI


Rezolutions Design delivers comprehensive AI and Machine Learning solutions, designed to propel your business efficiency and performance to new heights.


Through the automation of processes, uncovering of actionable insights from data analysis, and seamless engagement with customers and employees, AI empowers your workforce to focus more on strategic activities. You’ll witness a surge in productivity, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Thanks to the adaptive nature of machine learning algorithms that continually refine themselves with each data interaction, your AI solution’s accuracy and performance will continue to soar over time.


Our seasoned team boasts an expansive knowledge landscape covering every facet of AI and Machine Learning, which includes but isn’t limited to data engineering, text analytics, and computer vision.

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning are game-changers with broad applications, ranging from intuitive chatbots to sophisticated facial recognition.

Cloud services

We offer design and execution of deployment pipelines, effortless migration between cloud providers, and much more, all tailored to your needs.


DevOps represents the synergy of software development and IT operations, fostering a streamlined, efficient workflow. We’re experts in cultivating this lean approach.

Mobile apps

Our expertise covers the full design and development lifecycle, including final packaging and deployment to app stores for iOS and Android.

UX & UI designs

Our design process begins with persona development and spans testing, research, and optimization through split testing and analytics.

Web applications

Much of the software we craft is browser-based, making web application development a core strength of our team.

Appreciation from our esteemed clients

Ambitious brands choose Rezolutions Design to help them grow on Shopify Plus. Here’s why:

The site has recently gone live, and customers are very pleased with its visuals. Average cart size has increased, even as small adjustments are still being made. Rezolutions Design has earned ongoing work with their clear communication and near-constant responsiveness. They are a personable vendor.

Declan’s Mining Co.

Kelly R. - Owner

Since Rezolutions Design has joined the project, the client has been satisfied with their deliverables. The team continues to maintain the website. They use Monday and Basecamp to communicate seamlessly. Overall, they are understanding, knowledgeable, and beneficial.

Birch & Bind

Tracey - Owner

Rezolutions Design incorporated a new online organizational system halfway through the project, which wasn’t a bad thing. It required us to learn a new structure of communication, but they walked us through it every step of the way. Frankly, they were very easy to work with and the communication between them and myself was top-notch.

World Builders Market

Michael - Store Manager

Highly recommend! Rezolutions Design was the perfect choice for our company! Edwin’s knowledge of eCommerce and his personable attitude made it an ease to pick up and learn. We are excited to work with him in the future as he will make a great partner as we continue to grow our online business.


Joel J. - Co Owner

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