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Fancy some Chocolate Balls?

Hot Chocolate Balls is a delightful confection you put into a mug with milk, to make a rich decadent mug of real hot chocolate.

The team at HCB started the business to teach people how to make artisanal chocolates. It was not long before they realized that their customers were more interested in eating chocolates than making chocolates. This was the inspiration for Hot Chocolate Balls.


Hot Chocolate Balls




The Challenge

Is this just another Chocolate Company?

At a glance, people might have thought this was simply another chocolate vendor.  Something that perhaps you eat with your hands with nice hot cocoa or a glass of milk.  The client wanted to showcase the brand as an item you dip into your hot warm milk and the chocolate melts from within.

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The Solution

A Colorful and Image driven Web Design

The homepage was a big deal on this project since we needed to push barriers and educate consumers on how the product is consumed.  We initiated with a Branding Guide which then connected into a custom Bespoke web design.  Bold big letters were easy to read and comfortable to navigate.  All while at the same time user friendly for the mobile experience.

Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot
Mobile Image

Custom Mobile Experience

98% of Shoppers always start on Mobile

We made sure to design separately a mobile custom development for an easier conversion processing.

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Tablet Image

The Focus

A fully optimized experience for all

Part of a pleasant website experience is creating a rich approach to the buyers interactive experience. The focus it to help buyers easily find the products they are searching for which in turn increases conversions for our client. Strategy plays a major role in mapping out this process.

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