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It’s Juliet is an online store with a mission to offer high-quality, sustainable apparel. This sustainable clothing boutique collaborates with suppliers to produce as few pieces as possible, helping to reduce waste. They offer a diverse range of styles, from bold to minimalistic.

They believe in “Inspired. Modern. Relaxed. Vintage. Universal Love.”


It’s Juliet


Fashion & Retail


The Challenge

Creating an Up-to-Date Website

The company was doing well, but they wanted to become even more dominant in the fashion industry. Their former website was outdated and disorganized compared to other competitors in the online shopping space.

They struggled to figure out how to create an online presence that matched their brand personality, messaging, and a design template that didn’t look generic. They felt their website had to be more polished and upscale than competitors’ websites for better brand recognition and stronger consumer confidence. The company approached our digital marketing agency for help creating a new website that showcased the brand.

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The Solution

Soft, Beautiful Website - Easy to Manage and Modify

With approximately  231 million Americans shopping online in 2021, we understood the importance of having a standout fashion ecommerce website to capitalize on the boom in ecommerce marketing. Our team used this challenge to build a beautiful, user-friendly website on Shopify. We gathered photos and colors for their branding identity while creating guidelines so the brand would be cohesive across their website design.

While designing an aesthetic that resembled luxury ecommerce websites, we incorporated major fashion trends and common fashion buyer experiences to ensure the website followed what our customers expect from online shopping experiences.

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Website Screenshot
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Custom Mobile Experience

It’s Juliet’s consumer base primarily shops from their mobile devices. So, we designed the mobile version of our website to provide shoppers with a user-friendly interface to streamline their mobile shopping experience while maintaining the brand identity. The intuitive mobile app allows shoppers to add products to their cart, see sales, and make purchases seamlessly.

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The Focus

A Fully Optimised Experience For All

A user’s buying journey begins online with finding the products they need. Customers need to have a pleasant experience throughout the entire purchasing cycle to convert website engagement into sales. This can be accomplished by giving shoppers ready access to the product pages they need and integrating the company’s brand identity.

The branding component of the marketing strategy plays a major role in defining the process for the client, so they can approach fashion ecommerce from a competitive position.

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