It’s Juliet Case Study

Organic Fair Trade. Because People Matter

It’s Juliet is an online store with a mission to offer high-quality, sustainable apparel. This sustainable clothing boutique collaborates with suppliers to produce as few pieces as possible, helping to reduce waste. They offer a diverse range of styles, from bold to minimalistic.


It’s Juliet


Digital Strategy, Web Design, Custom Web Development


Fashion & Retail

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The Results

With approximately 231 million Americans shopping online in 2021, we understood the importance of having a standout fashion ecommerce website to capitalize on the boom in ecommerce marketing. Our team used this challenge to build a beautiful, user-friendly website on Shopify. We gathered photos and colors for their branding identity while creating guidelines so the brand would be cohesive across their website design.

While designing an aesthetic that resembled luxury ecommerce websites, we incorporated major fashion trends and common fashion buyer experiences to ensure the website followed what our customers expect from online shopping experiences.

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