Maddox & Marie

Organic Fair Trade. Because People Matter

Maddox & Marie is an online children’s clothing boutique based in Dallas, Texas that provides a special collection of hand-selected items with new, on-trend styles added each season.

When Maddox & Marie’s Founder, Ashley Lopez, became a mom she found it frustrating shopping for kids’ clothes because everything seemed too cookie-cutter. So, Maddox & Marie was born from the idea that individual style starts early and we are committed to providing a variety of fashion-forward, high-quality clothing and accessories so your littles can explore their own unique originality.


Maddox & Marie


Digital Strategy, Web Design, Custom Web Development


Fashion & Retail

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The Results

Part of a pleasant website experience is creating a rich approach to the buyers interactive experience. The focus it to help buyers easily find the products they are searching for which in turn increases conversions for our client. Strategy plays a major role in mapping out this process.

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