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OFX Office strives to bring together a selection of unique products for the modern office and home office. They carefully curate an unique selection of furniture and accessories with the highest aesthetics, functionality and value.


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Elevating from a Phase 1 into a Phase 2 Online eCommerce business

OFX Office is a business that’s been established for over 20 years dominating the retail market in Puerto Rico. The challenge was the online ecommerce store didn’t have much traction due to its presentation. After several years of growth, it was time for a website refresh for the sole goal of scalability. Our goal is to recreate a new website experience to show OFX that online sales can outperform retail sales.

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Beautiful Design & Seamless UX

OFX Office mission is expanding its sales channel while staying within the Shopify ecosystem with inventory selling from different locations. Their main focus is to ensure clients can easily find their products from the top funnel of the homepage, down to the collections page an ease purchase in the product landing page. Its all about customer satisfaction, so we strategized on how to implement this great customer services experience out to their clients who wishes to purchase. Customizing the collections page for a fine tuned filtration system allows OFX Office clients to easily find what they are looking for. Furthermore, we helped structure a ‘Design your Office’ sales funnel path for those searching for a more exclusive office experience.

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Online Pickup or Delivery on Demand

It was critical for OFX Office to have an easy checkout process so buyers can choose if they want to pick it up in their warehouse location or if they want it delivered to the buyers location. We assisted with Google maps API integration for buyers to easily find the warehouse locations or a easy checkout purchase for delivery.

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Astronomical Sales numbers online

The results of the online efforts has outperformed the expectations for OFX Office. We maintain the business relationship with the owner and continue to provide efficient web services to help the business scale even further.

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