Ecommerce Businesses Get Ready for the TikTok Ban

We have come back again to this second wave of Marketing trouble with the news related to the now Popular social media app called TikTok. E-commerce brands have favored this trendy social media app, which allows retailers and brand to push massive awareness to users who use the app. Features like Tiktok Shop and connections […]

Edwin Anthony March 21, 2024

How to add Collections in Shopify

Launching my online store on Shopify significantly boosted my business. The Shopify collections feature, in particular, revamped my storefront. Let me walk you through the process of adding collections to enhance your store. What is a Shopify collection? A Shopify collection groups together products with similar characteristics. For example, if you’re looking for all the […]

Edwin Anthony November 13, 2023

Shopify Shipping Setup Master Guide

Consider a devoted shopper who has spent several weeks browsing your Shopify store. They’ve at last found the product they’ve been yearning for. Enthusiastically, they place it in their cart, all set to seal the deal. But, just as they’re on the verge of completing the purchase, they hesitate. Maybe the shipping charges seem exorbitant, […]

Edwin Anthony November 2, 2023

When Does Shopify Pay me ?

Shopify is a famous online platform that lets people set up their own online shops to sell things. It’s important for business owners to know how they get paid through Shopify and how the payment system works. They should learn about how Shopify pays them using Shopify Payments and understand the different parts of getting […]

Edwin Anthony October 14, 2023

Shopify Guide to Shipping Profiles

You’ve just launched your online store on Shopify, stocked with a diverse range of products. As orders start pouring in, you realize that the Shopify shipping setup isn’t as straightforward as you thought. Some products are bulky and require different shipping rates. While others are lightweight and can be shipped internationally at a minimal cost. […]

Edwin Anthony September 6, 2023

How will Apple’s Vision Pro impact E-commerce?

June 2023 has brought a new revolutionary gadget to the virtual marketplace. Apple has recently made an explicit move toward the VR/AR market. They finally unveiled their latest Vision Pro headgear and technology. It marked a new step in the 3D digital world. The initial venture of America’s Tech-Giant into mixed-reality headsets is perceived as […]

Edwin Anthony June 27, 2023

Freelancer vs Web Agency: Which Should You Hire?

When creating a website or redesigning an existing one, there are two main options – hire a freelancer or engage with a web agency. Each choice has pros and cons, but making the proper selection will depend heavily on your business’s requirements and budget. With this in mind, it’s essential to weigh the key differences between […]

Edwin Anthony June 12, 2023

What Is Ecommerce?

E-commerce (ecom) is the buying and selling of goods/services over the internet or other electronic means. It involves transactions between businesses, consumers, and individuals, and is powered by the internet and digital technologies. Ecommerce has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until the 90s and the rise of the World Wide Web that it […]

Edwin Anthony May 1, 2023

Top 10 Tips for Boosting Your Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce has become a vital component in the world of online sales, and ecommerce web design has become increasingly important for businesses to attract and retain customers. A well-designed ecommerce website creates a positive user experience and helps establish a strong brand identity, building trust with potential customers and, ultimately, driving sales. Recent studies have […]

Edwin Anthony April 24, 2023

What Is an E-commerce Web Design?

In today’s digital age, eCommerce web design is absolutely an important part of any online business. With the growth of online shopping, the need for an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce website is more important than ever. In this article, we will explain what eCommerce web design is and how it can benefit your business. We […]

Edwin Anthony April 6, 2023

Top 12 Reasons Why Startups Should Use A Shopify Template Versus A Custom Web Design

Since its establishment in 2006, Shopify has become the go-to platform for businesses looking to set up an online store. With over 3.9 millionwebsites and 2 million merchants, Shopify is undoubtedly a decent, reliable, and trusted e-commerce solution, powering more stores than any other ecommerce solution. But even with such a massive market share, startups […]

Edwin Anthony April 3, 2023

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