Grow Your Business in 2021: 6 Digital Marketing Tips

Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses interact with their customers. It enables small to medium-sized companies to compete with some of the largest organizations in their industry as the reach and opportunities for creativity are limitless.

Digital marketing essentially levels the playing field within an industry. It is cost-effective and data-centric, meaning businesses can continually grow and learn with each campaign or marketing activity.

While the core aspects of digital marketing are easy to understand, creating a comprehensive strategy requires knowledge, expertise, and organization to execute effectively. Utilizing the services of a digital marketing agency is the best way to gain an edge over the competition. They can help you identify your targets and goals and create strategies to reach them.

There are countless tools, programs, and strategies when it comes to digital marketing. The most important aspect is to align your marketing actions with your business goals. Whether you want to drive organic traffic to your website, increase conversions on your eCommerce store, or expand your audience to overseas customers, you may adopt a range of marketing approaches. Here are some top tips for growing your business through digital marketing.


#1 – Hone in on Your Target Market
Identifying your target market is one of the most critical factors when growing your business. Without knowing exactly who you’re targeting with your marketing efforts, it’s virtually impossible to know what strategies and tools to implement.

Each action should be carried out with careful intent to entice potential customers to buy your product or engage your service. A professional digital marketing agency can help you determine your target demographic if you are unsure where to begin. For example, if your business involves selling women’s shoes online, you know that you’re targeting mainly female internet users. However, there are more characteristics to focus on, giving you an even clearer picture of who to target. Some other considerations include:

-Income or annual earnings
-Disposable income for consumer goods
-Main device used for browsing the internet
-Hobbies and interests
-Internet search history
-Previous purchase history
-Previous engagements with your business
-Religious beliefs
-Marital status
-Number of family members

Your target audience doesn’t have to remain fixed. It can be adjusted and adapted to various marketing campaigns. Analyzing your current customers, competitors, website visitors, social media engagements, and your products or services can help you identify your target customers.

#2 – Optimize Social Media Channels
To stay relevant in your industry, engage with customers, and promote products or sales, social media plays a key role. However, in modern digital marketing, social media channels should be optimized for the best possible results. If most of your audience are regular social media users, you must engage with them on this level.

Social media channels started as communication tools for businesses to interact with their customers. Today, they represent much more useful applications. As well as being ideal avenues for promoting and engaging with your followers, certain social media platforms are powerful advertising tools. Facebook and Instagram allow businesses to create tailored ads that appear on their target audience’s timelines.

With 2.7 billion Facebook users and 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, these platforms are essential for advertising. What’s more, you can gather data from advertising campaigns, which can be analyzed for future efforts. Ensure you capitalize on these platforms to expand your audience, increase sales, and generate useful data.

Consider looking for the best digital marketing firm specializing in social media strategy to optimize all relevant channels.

#3 – Focus on the Data
Modern businesses should be data-focused. A website and a single social media page generate a lot of data daily. Even without engaging in a digital marketing strategy, the existence of these pages can provide you with key information about your business and its customers. A multi-platform, focused marketing strategy can generate even more critical data, providing you with key information on how to grow your business.

Google Analytics and popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give users free data regarding site users, interactions, and engagements. From this information, you can determine what type of people are visiting your online store, how long they’re spending on the site, where they came from, and what areas of the site they are focusing on.

If your purchasing process is overly complicated, you may find that users are abandoning their cart at the second or third page. Using this data to simplify the check-out can make the customer journey much easier, resulting in more conversions and sales.

Data can be used to accurately predict the outcome of certain campaigns, giving you more certainty over your actions. Some other useful benefits of data analysis include:

-Expanding your customer base
-Improving customer retention
-Developing better customer service
-More control over marketing activities
-Tracking and monitoring social media engagements and interactions
-Analyzing campaign performance
-Breaking down and predicting sales trends

#4 – Create SEO-Based Content
Creating content that boosts your SEO ranking is an important step in growing your business, particularly in the online sphere. Most often, this involves adding blog posts and articles to your website that contain topic-specific keywords that potential customers may be searching for. With 75% of people claiming not to look beyond the first page of a Google search, it’s important to focus on SEO.

Another key aspect of SEO-based content is to increase your local online presence. Creating a “My Business” Google page and regularly updating it is an excellent way to become relevant in local searches. Review sites, including Google reviews, can also improve search engine results page (SERP) performance.

Better rankings allow customers to discover your business more easily, helping you grow faster. Schedule a digital marketing consultation to learn what content strategy works best for your business.


#5 – Open Up to the Mobile Market
Over 40% of the US population check their phones immediately after waking up, and over 30% check their phones 5 minutes or less before they go to sleep. The average American checks their smartphone approximately 47 times a day, with 18 to 24-year-olds checking twice as much. This market segment should not be ignored.

Mobile eCommerce sales are increasing significantly every year, meaning a customer is a phone swipe away from a purchase at all times. Businesses must focus on the mobile market to accelerate growth. Mobile apps, social media campaigns, and push notifications can keep customers engaged and encourage them to purchase through their smartphones.

If a custom app isn’t an option for your business, the very minimum you should do is optimize your website for mobile devices.

#6 – Email Marketing isn’t Dead
Although email marketing has been around for some time, it is still one of the most relevant marketing strategies. While social media has taken over branding, promotions, and communication, email is an excellent sales vehicle. 73% of millennials claim to prefer communications from businesses via email. It should be a fundamental part of your growth strategy.

Email marketing is cost-effective and can be used to create personalized advertising content. Some of the other key benefits of email marketing include communication, increased traffic to your site, customer feedback, timely advertisements, increased leads, creating valuable content for your customers, and more.


Stay Relevant With Digital Marketing
Marketing trends are constantly evolving, and with the rapid development in digital technology plus the steady growth of eCommerce, businesses need to focus on digital marketing. For the best chance at success, consider hiring marketing agencies near me to help with your efforts.

At Rezolutions Design, we offer specialist digital solutions. From designing a sleek website to maximizing your eCommerce potential, we leverage the latest digital marketing tools and technologies to help your business meet its growth goals. For more information, browse our website and get in touch today.

Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

Presently, Edwin is the Founder and Lead Design and Development Director of Rezolutions Design, a full-service digital agency based on Aventura Florida which works with fortune 500 companies.

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