Guide to Ecommerce SEO Services

Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

If you’re not ranking high in the search results for your target keywords, then it’s unlikely potential customers will be able to find your business. 67.60% of all clicks go to the first five organic results on the first page alone

The competition can be fierce for newly published web pages. Among a total of two million new pages, 94.3% of the newly created ones received no organic traffic from Google, according to Ahrefs

Search engines drive 37.5% of all traffic to ecommerce sites, so ensuring that people can find your ecommerce website is the best way to generate business. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic from search engines like Google, which results in more sales for your company.

Not only does SEO help bring more traffic, but it also improves customer satisfaction by providing relevant information that they are looking for when searching online. You can gain an advantage over your competitors with a guide to ecommerce SEO services by increasing your online visibility.

How Can Ecommerce SEO Services Help Me?

Increasing sales is what every ecommerce business owner wants. ecommerce SEO services are the best way to achieve this goal because they help your site show up on search engines, which will lead to more customers.

  • Target your customers with keywords

The internet era has transformed the way consumers research their interests and get answers. On average, there are 3.8 million searches on Google every 60 seconds, and every day, consumers read 100,500 words online. 

If you want to rank high on search engine results for your product pages and outrank the competition, consider which keywords to target. Additionally, researching your competition helps you to understand their SEO tactics. 

You can also investigate broad and long-tail keywords to find out the best ones to rank for and include those on your site. These long-tail keywords tend to have high volume and often include synonyms of common queries people use when searching online. 

Professional ecommerce SEO services can perform extensive ecommerce SEO keyword research and come up with keyword ideas relevant to your site. They also identify long-tail keywords that can drive traffic to your website and boost your conversion rates. Their knowledge of SEO best practices for ecommerce can help them incorporate keywords into the meta title, meta descriptions, and many other parts of your website. 

  • Create informative content 

Potential customers browsing through the search results will see your website’s meta title and description. An intriguing meta title and descriptions can entice potential buyers to click on it for more information about what you have in store on your site. Images help increase conversion rates, so labeling optimal images with detailed product descriptions is essential. 

Informative, high-quality blog posts can let people know more about your products and other topics related to them. They can link to product pages, which makes internal linking easier and drives more traffic.

Your content should also be relevant to your customers’ needs. As you build your blog posts, you can create internal links to keep your customers on your website. They may share the links with friends and family if they find your content was helpful, increasing your visibility.

Additionally, product pages can include relevant product descriptions with keywords. Detailed product descriptions give your customers all the information they need to make an informed decision before deciding if the product is worth looking into more deeply. 

The process of writing your product descriptions may take a long time since you have to replace all the words on every page. Nonetheless, you will reap the benefits when you can sell more products to your customers than your competitors.

When you weave the right keywords into your meta titles, meta descriptions, images, and blog posts, your website’s ranking will improve. Ecommerce SEO services can put together an SEO strategy that integrates the relevant SEO keywords into your website content, meta titles, and meta descriptions to attract more people to your site. 

  • Improve website navigation

Your website should make it easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for with an intuitive menu and well-organized categories. Ecommerce SEO success depends on the design and structure of your site. The layout gives the search engines access to relevant content on your website’s product and category pages. 

Subcategorization of product pages is important for ranking broad keywords and specific long-tail keywords in the search results. These pages on your site must not take more than a few clicks for your customers to find, allowing for easy browsing and a positive user experience. 

Working with an SEO-focused digital marketing agency enables you to create a website that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can have the agency carry out a site audit and assist you in organizing your site to make it more user-friendly and optimized for better search engine rankings. 

  • Identify technical SEO issues 

Ecommerce sites should quickly fix technical SEO issues since they can sometimes make the difference between your ranking and that of a competitor. As part of your site audit, the agency may uncover several technical SEO problems, including duplicate content, low word count, and slow page loading times. If the page loading speed goes from 1 to 3 seconds, the likelihood of a bounce or a visitor leaving your site increases by 32%.


They can help solve these issues by adding canonical tags to prioritize certain category pages according to ongoing traffic. Additionally, they can write detailed product descriptions to make your products more appealing to visitors and search engines. Your website also benefits from using images that are compressed for quicker loading times. 

  • Have an ongoing ecommerce SEO strategy

Google’s algorithms can instantly and unexpectedly affect keyword rankings even when your content outperforms your competitors’ websites. There are 500 to 600 changes to Google’s search algorithm every year, which amounts to once or twice every day. 

There is also the possibility of technical difficulties, such as the site going down unexpectedly. The importance of SEO continues to grow, particularly for ecommerce stores. 

With ecommerce SEO services, you can stay on top of SEO trends and keep track of your SERP performance, competitor research, and key changes to your website. You will receive a full SEO progress report each month. The team can also provide you with monthly updates regarding your website’s performance.

  • Boost your ecommerce sales

You need SEO to increase revenue and visibility no matter if your online store is on Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce. Getting the most out of each ecommerce platform requires knowledge, experience, and contacts unique to that platform. 

When you regularly refine your content and adapt to crucial SEO upgrades, you become more valuable to your clients, which increases your chances of generating revenue.

At Rezolutions Design, we have experience with the most well-known ecommerce platforms for SEO. Our team can create a specialized ecommerce sales strategy that’s right for you. Using ecommerce SEO services helps you update product descriptions or learn how to better organize your products into categories using online stores like Shopify. 

Hire an Agency Specializing in Ecommerce SEO Services

Using ecommerce SEO services includes creating high-quality content, conducting competitive and keyword research, and optimizing your site’s architecture. As part of your SEO strategy, you should also update your product descriptions and address any technical SEO issues.

If you want the best results possible from using an online store, contact Rezolutions Design today about getting started on your ecommerce SEO strategy. We can discuss how our ecommerce services can work best for your business goals.


Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

Presently, Edwin is the Founder and Lead Design and Development Director of Rezolutions Design, a full-service digital agency based on Aventura Florida which works with fortune 500 companies.

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