How a Shopify Agency Can Help With Business

Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

Last Black Friday, Shopify stores did a staggering $2.9 billion in sales. It’s easy to see why launching a Shopify store is tempting. And you’ll probably read dozens of articles that will tell you it’s easy, too. 

But is it that simple to launch a Shopify store? Or is there a more thoughtful way to build your Shopify store that doesn’t adopt the quick do-it-yourself approach? 

Though you can build a Shopify store on your own, there are some compelling reasons not to. Here are some reasons why it makes wise business sense to use a Shopify agency instead.

Theme Templates Versus Fully Custom Design

If you’ve ever spent time on the Shopify platform, you’ll know that you can pick from various templates for your store.

At first glance, these look great. But think about how those designs will look for your business when you start competing against ten or twenty other stores. Plus, how closely do those designs align with what you need?

A custom design allows you to create something that meets your business goals and your website vision. 

That’s where a Shopify agency can help. They can take your requirements and create something that perfectly fits your goals. Ultimately, that will show up in your website performance when getting customers to buy from you. 

You’ll Avoid Technical Complexities

Shopify might pitch its platform as an easy setup for customers, but that doesn’t mean you’ll skip every technical task when setting up your store. That’s where an agency like ours can help.

With Shopify, you need technical skills to build a customer-friendly site that performs well.

When we use the term “performance,” we mean things like getting your customers to convert from browsing your website to clicking the buy button.


Do you know the technical steps you’ll need to take in Shopify to achieve that? Do you know how to optimize the speed of your website? Or how to test the security features? 

For most merchants, the answer is to these questions is no. 

If that sounds like many things to add to your workload, it’s because it is. That’s one reason why many ambitious businesses prefer to use an agency.   

It’s Optimized

You can have a professional website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll secure a sale. When building a Shopify business, you’ll need to understand how to optimize every aspect of your website to increase online sales.

That takes a bit of practice. You’ll need the right apps and analytics to capture data. You’ll also need to know when and where to add subtle sales features to help attract customers, things like email signups and discount codes.

When you work with our agency, you hire Shopify experts who already have plenty of experience in successfully optimizing Shopify stores for our customers. We know what steps to take to optimize yours.

And that has another benefit too. The more you optimize your store, the more sales you’ll get from every dollar you spend on Shopify marketing. 

We are also SEO experts, so our agency can help you get your new store ranked on Google and the Google Shopping channel. That enables you to generate new customer traffic from day one. 

It’s Faster

Even with the most basic Shopify store, there is still a learning curve. It will take you time to go through the steps, view the how-to and FAQ sections, and watch several YouTube videos to help you troubleshoot a problem.

That might sound achievable, but think about it this way: isn’t your time better spent running your store?

By using an agency, you can get your business launched faster. That means you can start doing all the other things you need to do in your store, like marketing, product design, and delivery.

You’ll start making money sooner and drop a troublesome website build off your busy to-do list. 

You’ll Get the Right Apps

Did you know that Shopify also offers over 3,000 apps in their app store? The Shopify app store is where you go to add all the additional plugins and features your website needs. 

Three thousand choices sound exciting, but that’s also a daunting prospect for a new business. Many come with a slick marketing campaign selling all their fantastic features. They all look too good to miss.

Many new Shopify merchants make the mistake of installing 40-50 apps, which then slows down the website and provides a poorer experience for customers.

And to make matters worse, you’ll get an expensive app bill in your inbox after all those attractive free trials expire!  

So how can you choose the ones you need from such an extensive list? Will you buy more than you need, or get the wrong one? Will you miss out on something that could transform your shop?

Those are all great questions, and that’s where a Shopify agency like ourselves can help you.

We have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right apps for your store, ones that will help boost sales while keeping your costs minimal.

And we often aim to keep apps to a minimum and use custom coding instead. That gives you a more tailored solution that won’t incur those pricey monthly app subscription fees.

A Shopify Agency Provides a Professional Business Partnership vs Taking Orders

Suppose you hire a freelancer. Your website is complete, launched, and the platform handed over to you. But what comes next?

That’s a key difference with a design agency. An agency is there for the long term. That means it acts more like a business partnership than a one-off service.

The focus goes beyond ticking off the technical requirements; an agency’s ultimate responsibility is to help you meet your broader business goals.


The agency is there to provide you with long-term strategic support, like helping set the direction for your website. We might recommend new features and enhancements to boost your sales conversions or improve your SEO.

We can provide consultancy on usability design. Usability design will help you fine-tune your website so that your customers continue to get a first-class experience every time they visit.

All these actions help improve customer loyalty and directly impact your sales figures.

Get Started Today

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Edwin Anthony

Founder & Business Strategist

Presently, Edwin is the Founder and Lead Design and Development Director of Rezolutions Design, a full-service digital agency based on Aventura Florida which works with fortune 500 companies.

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