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Lets take your business to new heights online and become the leader of your industry to BOOST traffic and sales.

Laser Focused SEO that helps grow your business.

Reach an explosive amount of traffic. 3x, 4x or even 5x your sales or conversions.

Our SEO Elites have astonished hundreds of our clients once they see the true benefit of a of a proficient and well strategized SEO implementation. SEO can truly become a massive game changer for your business.


Grow your clients organically

Reach maximum exposure to relevant sites, searches and voice commands on all devices. Discover how your business will effortlessly dominate the competition and transform into exciting new revenue streams. We've helped our clients reach a massive 4x increase in potential buyers simply by improving their SEO.


Become King of Google

Take the crown in your industry. Break away from the past page 3 and lets move to the top of Google. Defeat the competition with multiple first page rankings in relevant search terms connected to your business industry and local listing directories. Always stay ahead of the game and let us develop new methods to grow your SEO and Web Strategy.


Partner with Rezolutions Integrity

Other agencies and competitors talk the talk in sales, but never commit to the results. Transparency of work committed to every dollar your invest if our TOP Priority. We leave no room for questions. If we make your business look good, then we Rezolutions Design looks good.

SEO that Super Boosts revenue, not just rankings.

Can SEO really give me tons of website traffic and tons of organic leads? Absolutely! That’s why our SEO Elites are dedicated and passionate.

What is SEO? seo-arrow

The acronym breakdown for SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the engineering process of adjusting your website so that search engines can see that your business is the leader of your industry. This is achieved by using keywords and many tactics on your website. In return: More people find you easier online which then converts to leads, sales or conversions.

The more you reach to the top rankings, the more people get to see and visit your website. We are sure you have searched using Google before and barely ever touch page 2 further even page 3 and so on. A professionally developed relevant website connected to your niche which and that proves you have authority is the prime goal. This is what search engines want to see. Your website offers all of the answers related to your industry and the search engines will mark you as the trusted site of destination.

Final breakdown what does this all mean? SEO is a digital practice which is composed with a wide range of strategies and tactics used to reach the prime goal of higher rankings for your website in search engines. This is critical since over 95% of your clients search on search engines to find what they are looking for.

Whats the difference between basic SEO versus high quality SEO? seo-arrow

Simply engaging in SEO will instantly place you ahead of the competition. Google is always changing its internal ranking algorithm which means if you previously had some SEO on your site, you need to always stay on top of the latest changes otherwise your rankings will fall. Ignoring this will essentially affect your traffic and leads which ultimately hurts your revenue stream. This however, shouldn’t scare you on investing in SEO. If done correctly by true professionals, it can unshed any darkness in your business . Because of this, our Elite SEO team have spent countless hours and hundreds of coffee cups in researching the best strategies and techniques to cater towards your business needs. Our group only uses the best Google power tools and analytics to deliver the proper strategies and solutions that deliver, high traffic to your website and nothing less.

Want to grab that top spot? Quality SEO is all about implementing highly intelligent methods which focus on the needs of your clients. We gather the ability of true SEO so that we can specialize in your particular niche or a specific location of your choice. This in turn shows that your business has industry authority, so Google favors your business more and in turn increases your chance to claim the throne on the top relevant searches.

How will Rezolutions Design improve our rankings? seo-arrow

Remember, SEO is not a one-size-fits all solution. Every business has a unique strategy when it comes to the competitive market industry. Its not about “just create a bunch of backlinks and call it a day”, this does not solve anything.

Instead we take a deep dive and look under the hood of your website before entering into a specific strategy. Our first step is to intensely perform a website analysis/competitor analysis or study the best keywords related to your industry in efforts to target and build the solution from there.

Lets get on a call to discuss your strategy, book a call today for free!


SEO Services

This is where you will meet your business goals. No Jack of all trades here, each category has its own Elite SEO specialist. This way we give you 100% of any goals below:

Ecommerce SEO

seoServices-icon Ecommerce SEO seo-arrow

Laser target the ready to buy customers and send them right into your sales funnel and into the checkout page and SOLD.

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Local SEO

seoServices-icon Local SEO seo-arrow

Capitalize on your local directory rankings and soar high in mobile searches for your local area.

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Enterprise SEO

seoServices-icon Enterprise SEO seo-arrow

Smash revenue goals with this scalable, extreme-level strategies and expert collaborations.

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Lead Gen SEO

seoServices-icon Lead Gen SEO seo-arrow

Implement revenue-shifting results with our SEO tactics fully engineered for Lead Gen.

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Why Rezolutions Design?

There is so much gas out there where people say they can do this and do that but once it comes time for results its always excuses like as if SEO is a fairy tale. We place ourselves in your shoes as a business owner and ask ourselves, “If we owned the company how would we run it?” Our reputation is on the line so lets make it work. Our key focus is on high performance campaigns with results that will speak for itself, boosting and helping your business grow is in the industry we are in.


Because we rely on your trust


If you trust us with the keys of your business, we will be very transparent on where your money is going. In our eyes there is no trust without full transparency in all of the work we perform. The way we do this is stay in contact with you at every step of the way by providing analysis and detailed reports of our efforts. “This is our goal. This is where we are and this is where we are heading.” Here is a report for spending vs selling, these are the targets we achieved, everything in full detail so there is no room for guessing.

Because investing in SEO should not be a Gamble


Lets face it, dishing out marketing campaigns is not and investment that quickly grows on trees, it’s a huge deal. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients see a significant return on investment rather if its short or long term. The strategy we will implement for you will be properly aligned with your goals.

Because we don’t tolerate excuses, we deliver results


We get straight to the point, no fugazi. We are not freelance entrepreneurs who go on YouTube to test out SEO theories from some random guy. Your investment is worth more than this. Instead we outline the strategy goals and come back with financial results. We outline the objectives from the start and discuss them with you, then we go out and hunt you out the best SEO results.

SEO Succes Stories

Extremely impressed with the services rendered. The customization was extensive but they achieved everything I asked for and in a fraction of the time. The communication portal they use is very efficient and organized. I will use them again in the future.



Jordan H.

Great company to work with. Edwin is a great guy and will definitely work with his company in the future.


Woosh Sunglasses

Diqueos T.

Gracias a Edwin y su equipo por sus servicios. Me guiaron paso a paso durante todo el Proceso. No solo estoy SUPER complacida con el proyecto sino que aprendi mucho. EXCELENTE trabajo! Thanks to Edwin and his team for the services of my new web page. They guide me step by step on the process. I'm very happy with me E Commerce and all that I learn with them. EXCELLENT work!! Thank you Edwin!!!


BomBom Boutique

Daila R.

Rezolutions Design was the perfect choice for our company! Edwin's knowledge of Shopify and his personable attitude made it an ease to pick up and learn. We are excited to work with him in the future as he will make a great partner as we continue to grow our online business. Highly recommend!



Joel J.

Working with Edwin and Rezolution Design could not have been easier. He was extremely cooperative and I am very happy. I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for Web Design or other services.


Bedrock Bakers

Steven F.

For a first time Shopifier the experience with Rezolutions Design, Edwin and his team was excellent. They took their time to explain every step and seemed to have very good advice. The communication was very fluid, and quick and the toold they use are extremely up to date. I highly recommend them.



Manny M.