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Rezolutions provides a comprehensive line of services that support and sustain eCommerce. Everything from websites and custom software development to optimization and design-only projects. We also provide world-class support, including a team of design creatives who specialize in the technical aspects of your eCommerce site. Our decision-making process is strictly data-driven and, along with a strong partnership methodology, empowers your brand to reach new heights.

We Specialize in eCommerce Builds

The team at Rezolutions has deep experience in eCommerce gained through building our own successful eCommerce platform. We take care of everything, from designing, implementing, and fully-supporting eCommerce websites on a large and small scale. That allows us to maximize all of the inherent capabilities your e-commerce platform provides.

  • Bespoke eCommerce Builds from the Ground Up
  • Replatform and Data Migration Services
  • Bespoke Projects of any Size
  • Full Internationalization of your eCommerce Site
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A Full Suite of Custom Web Design User Experience (UX)

With a team of General Assembly Certified designers on staff, we can create gorgeous eCommerce websites that pop! Our bespoke designs encapsulate the spirit and soul of your brand, helping to stand out in a crowded marketplace. More than that, we design and optimize your eCommerce website to provide a superior user experience during every visit.

  • Comprehensive Goal Planning
  • Full UX Auditing services
  • Creative Concept Designs
  • Wire-Framing services
  • Dynamic Website Prototypes
  • Complete Creative Design
  • In-Depth Usability Testing
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Robust Optimization of your eCommerce Site

Website optimization is essential in today’s market. Rezolutions elevates your eCommerce website using robust optimization best practices to put you on Google’s page 1 via experienced insight and data-driven website enhancements. Every optimization plan we offer includes the following services:

  • In-Depth Data Analysis
  • Deep Insight into User Behaviors
  • Professional Reviews
  • Research into your Competition Environment
  • Full Measuring, Testing, and Auditing services
  • Farsighted Roadmap Planning
  • Custom Banner Updates every month
  • Restructuring of your Main Menu
  • Consolidation of all Categories
  • Full Optimization of Conversion Rates
  • Powerful and Profitable Cart Enhancements
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Success Program

Achieving eCommerce success doesn’t happen without proper planning and strategizing. At Rezolutions, we create a custom blueprint to guide your every move, whether you’re starting from scratch or have been in the market for some time and require ongoing development guidance. We offer 3 Merchant Success Program packages tailored to your specific needs. All 3 packages include:

  • A Flat-Free Retainer for all development, design, and account management costs
  • Support communication a no extra cost (we dont bill per hour – Open Door Policy)
  • 24/7 Customer and Tech Support
  • Timely Invoices with no Invoice Balloons
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Valuable Decision-Making Data about Rezolutions

Ambitious, uncompromising, with a strong desire to set themselves apart, are the hallmarks of our typical client. Also, a deep reluctance to compromise combined with a determination to grow their eCommerce site quickly. Annual revenues of our typical client tend to be at or over $1 Million. If less, a common goal is to reach the $1 million mark rapidly.

Our client’s verticals run the gamut from housewares and food items to fashion accessories, beauty products, sporting goods, and giftware. If you’d like to discover more about our typical clients, book a call with us today.

As you might expect, the final cost to design and build your eCommerce website depends on several factors, the most important of which is the overall complexity. We offer a no-obligation consultation to go over your desires, ideas, and requirements, after which we will be able to provide a much better idea of the cost. If you’re still on board, our team will create an in-depth project proposal that outlines the costs more precisely.

As with the cost, several factors are involved in completing a new website. These are mostly determined by the requirements you have for the website and the technical difficulty involved. We use the same information you’ve given us to determine the cost to also determine a timeline and include it when presenting your final proposal.

Generally speaking, a scratch-built eCommerce website typically takes 90 days from the acceptance of our proposal until the website is fully completed and ready for launch.

Once we have completed your no-obligation consultation, Rezolutions will provide a detailed proposal that includes the following information:

  • A detailed analysis of our process and services. From discovery and design to launch day, you will know exactly what’s happening at every stage of the creation and implementation process.
  • An Outline of your business requirements with goals.  We are not just adding a pretty color of paint to your website, we want to solve your online business problem.
  • In order to forecast monthly digital overhead, a full breakdown of software will be incorporated into the project.
  • Marketing consultation for post-launch.

Rezolutions will set up an online video call with you and your team so that you can meet our team, ask questions, and get any answers you need to make a decision. This is a no-pressure situation with the understanding that, after the video call, you’ll need some time to make your final decision. During that time, we’re here to answer any follow-up inquiries.

Yes! One of our specialties is just that, through our eCommerce Retailer Achievement Program packages. (Gold and Platinum) Both packages are fully customizable to your specific needs.

  • Gold Package – Rezolutions takes over the management of your eCommerce site, including a thorough onboarding process that empowers you to get started immediately. We also include several services, including a design refresh, web development, recommendations for retail partners, and more. Monthly website enhancements and tweaks for optimal website performance.  We analyze 3rd party apps to determine if we can hard code the solutions to save you money and have a faster website.


  • Platinum Package – Includes everything in the Gold package plus our powerful suite of optimization tools and services to supercharge your eCommerce site. That includes conversion rate optimization tactics to boost online sales, and recurring monthly promotions via SEO and Email Marketing. Lastly, it empowers our team to improve the user experience on your website through more meaningful a/b testing and valuable KPIs.

Our core team is based in Aventura, FL, with in-house and remote workers providing 24/7 availability and services. We also have an Orlando, FL office and are in the midst of completing our newest location in Los Angeles, CA.

We’re approaching our 10th year here at Rezolutions! We’re proud to be a eCommerce trailblazer, having built a variety of gorgeous, technically advanced eCommerce stores selling a wide variety of excellent products. We’re also proud of our expertise with the most flexible, high-performance eCommerce platforms on the market, the choice of the world’s top online retailers.

Rezolutions Design - We Elevate your Brand

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At Rezolutions, we approach every client from a unique perspective to design a Shopify website that puts them head-and-shoulders above the competition. Click the link to see some of the award-winning websites our team has created!

Hear From Our Clients


The site has recently gone live, and customers are very pleased with its visuals. Average cart size has increased, even as small adjustments are still being made. Rezolutions Design has earned ongoing work with their clear communication and near-constant responsiveness. They are a personable vendor.

Declan's Mining Co.

Kelly R. - Owner


Since Rezolutions Design has joined the project, the client has been satisfied with their deliverables. The team continues to maintain the website. They use Monday and Basecamp to communicate seamlessly. Overall, they are understanding, knowledgeable, and beneficial.

Birch & Bind

Tracey - Owner


Rezolutions Design incorporated a new online organizational system halfway through the project, which wasn't a bad thing. It required us to learn a new structure of communication, but they walked us through it every step of the way. Frankly, they were very easy to work with and the communication between them and myself was top-notch.

World Builders Market

Michael - Store Manager