Local SEO

What Are The Most Effective Local SEO Strategies?

According to a 2021 ReviewTrackers study on search engine queries, 35% of all searches are local or have local intent, and 53% will visit a business they’ve looked up within 48 hours. If you run a small business, optimizing your local content strategy and improving local search results may be vital for attracting as many […]

Edwin Anthony December 17, 2021

Most Important SEO Services To Give Your Websites High Search Engine Rankings

With the oversaturation of content on the web, your business’ website needs to rank high in search engine results to get noticed. The average click-through rate for the first ranking Google result is 28.5%. However, the percentage drops rapidly to 15.7% for the second and 11% for the third positions. For the tenth result, only […]

Edwin Anthony October 29, 2021

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