Specialized Web Design Services to Boost your B2B Digital Presence

Specialized Web Design Services to Boost your B2B Digital Presence

At Rezolutions Design, we specialize in crafting high-quality, bespoke websites that perfectly align with your business objectives, engaging your users and converting them into dedicated customers.

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Why choose Rezolutions Design?

Our web design strategy goes beyond the conventional. We don’t just collect your preferences and begin constructing. We understand that service-based businesses need more than an attractive website with flashy effects. They need to contend with industry leaders and generate more leads.

As such, our method is not about picking services from a list or fitting what where. Instead, we advocate a consultative approach, assisting clients to identify their requirements and then collaborating to devise a strategic, data-driven layout. With Rezolutions Design, your website becomes a lead-generating machine, not just a showcase.

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Our Clients

We are thrilled to collaborate with businesses of all sizes, spread across the nation and various sectors.

Manufacturing & Industrial Tech

Beauty & Wellness

Consumer Goods & Services


Health & Fitness



Real Estate & Hospitality



A strategic approach to Web Design

Whether your requirement is a promotional website or an e-commerce platform, Rezolutions Design is your comprehensive solution for all website needs. Our expertise spans WordPress, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce or Magento (and we'll guide you on the best choice).

Web Design & Development

We’ll convert your objectives and vision into a customized website design, moving away from commonplace templates. Our crew will diligently orchestrate each aspect of the user journey, delving into your customer's psyche to develop a website that aligns with your business ambitions. Armed with proficient designers and developers, your fresh website will be easy to explore, visually appealing, and function flawlessly.

UX & UI Design

At Rezolutions Design, we recognize the significance of user experience (UX). We’ll devise a strategy that ensures your clients traverse your website with ease. Adhering to top UX principles, we’ll design a site that echoes their preferences and enhances your business appeal. Our skilled UI (user interface) designers will ensure every customer interaction is superior, from the initial click to the final one.


Your business identity transcends a simple logo. Your company merits a distinct character that radiates in every interaction – consistently across all materials. From your brand visuals and tone, to your principles, mission, and unique selling points, we’ll establish a brand that deeply connects with your target audience and mirrors your business ethos.

Content Writing

Indeed, content is sovereign — rightfully so. The appropriate words can inspire customers to act. We’ll curate brand-centric content that propels conversion and aids discoverability through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. Whether your existing copy needs a revamp or entirely fresh site messaging, our experienced team of writers will amplify your brand voice.

Website Analytics

Building and sustaining a website signifies a substantial investment for your business; we want to ensure you reap the rewards you deserve. Together, we'll pinpoint website key performance indicators (KPIs) that echo your business priorities, and then we’ll devise a custom dashboard that facilitates tracking these metrics over time. If things aren't performing as expected, our team will make necessary adjustments.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is live, it's crucial to ensure its discoverability on Google. That's when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps in. We'll assist in setting up your website in a manner optimized for Google’s algorithms, ensuring it ranks as high as possible in search results. We’ll also recommend strategies beyond your website to boost your site's visibility over time.

Hear from our Clients

The site has recently gone live, and customers are very pleased with its visuals. Average cart size has increased, even as small adjustments are still being made. Rezolutions Design has earned ongoing work with their clear communication and near-constant responsiveness. They are a personable vendor.

Declan’s Mining Co.

Kelly R. - Owner

Since Rezolutions Design has joined the project, the client has been satisfied with their deliverables. The team continues to maintain the website. They use Monday and Basecamp to communicate seamlessly. Overall, they are understanding, knowledgeable, and beneficial.

Birch & Bind

Tracey - Owner

Rezolutions Design incorporated a new online organizational system halfway through the project, which wasn't a bad thing. It required us to learn a new structure of communication, but they walked us through it every step of the way. Frankly, they were very easy to work with and the communication between them and myself was top-notch.

World Builders Market

Michael - Store Manager

Highly recommend! Rezolutions Design was the perfect choice for our company! Edwin’s knowledge of eCommerce and his personable attitude made it an ease to pick up and learn. We are excited to work with him in the future as he will make a great partner as we continue to grow our online business.


Joel J. - Co Owner

We'd love to hear more about your future plans and ambitions!

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